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American Biltrite  Rubber
Newly sourced Canadian rubber flooring

A break through for price sensitive rubber flooring projects!

New for 2015, iRubber P/L proudly adds American Biltrite Rubber to our range.

A colour revolution- with no more yellowing yet vibrancy of colour!



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American Biltrite offers a select range of flooring solutions for the educational, healthcare and institutional sectors. With high aesthetics, great durability, low maintenance and excellent environmental qualities, our collections offer the best alternatives for every project. Your options include resilient rubber sheet and tile, PVC/VOC-free tile, solid vinyl tile (ESD), low-VOC luxury vinyl tiles.


Industrial Rubber


American Biltrite manufactures one of the widest selections of industrial rubber products in the industry. With an outstanding range of polymers, on-site mixing, state-of-the-art curing and fully equipped testing facilities, we have the expertise and the commitment to provide the exact solution for your application. With inventory in 6 locations in the U.S. and 2 in Canada, we can deliver the products you need, when you need them.


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ETS Case Study



  • ETS is a leading engineering school located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec.
  • Known amongst the five largest schools and faculties of engineering in Canada, ETS welcomes over 4800 students.
  • The facility counts 70 classrooms, 100 laboratories, a library and university residence halls on campus accommodating up to 850 students. 
  • Founded in 1974, the project covers 400,000 sq. ft. spread out on 6 floors. 


  • A vinyl floor with simple maintenance requirements to cover 140,000 sq. ft. of different surfaces (corridors, classrooms, laboratories, amphitheatre, etc.)
  • At first, because of the lack of funds, they opted for a basic tile with an epoxy coating. However, ETS wanted a more environmentally friendly solution to promote they're green philosophy.


  • Stonescape was offered and selected as it doesn't contain PVCs nor VOCs and is the greenest tile on the market.
  • It was also chosen because of its flexibility, sound deadening and absorption properties, ease of installation and bold new look. 
  • PS-30 adhesive was used.


  • ETS was the first Quebec University to officially take the Environmental shift.
  • ETS decided to replace every floor that needs to be changed by Stonescape. They are currently replacing 70 000 sq. ft. of existing tiles by Stonescape.


  • Norfolk General Hospital - Case Study



    • Norfolk General is a full service community hospital located in Simcoe, Ontario (Norfolk County).
    • Its services include: Emergency, ICU, Surgery, Nursing, Diagnostic Imaging, Obstetrics, Rehabilitation Services and several others.
    • The facility is a five stories building that houses 121 beds.


    • A floor that covers a broad spectrum of needs within the facility:
      • Stain resistant
      • Comfort for both patient and medical personnel
      • Sound deadening properties
      • Simple maintenance requirements
      • High level of hygiene
    • Areas to be covered: corridors, patient rooms, ER and Triage, Diagnostic Imaging, cafeteria, washrooms, reception and other areas throughout the facility. 
    • The project includes 10,000 sq. ft. of renovated structures and 40,000 sq. ft. of brand new construction.


    • Oasis was offered and selected as it met and surpassed the requirements of the facility due to the features and benefits that rubber offers as well as the very low cost of maintenance through dry buffing.
    • Oasis was also selected as the rolls offered less seams than tile.
    • A combination of AD-444 and AD 530SF adhesive was used.

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