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Hospital Flooring

Hospital and Medical Flooring

As places where the sick and injured are treated, it’s essential for hospitals and medical centres to maintain a sterile environment. This keeps bacterial infection rates low, minimising the spread of germs and viruses. One way to ensure a high level of cleanliness is by utilising a flooring type that allows for easy cleaning. Rubber fits the bill perfectly: durable and easy to clean, its smooth surface also helps to facilitate the transportation of patients on stretchers, making it the perfect choice for hospital flooring. 



Is Rubber Flooring Safe for Healthcare?

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The Benefits of Rubber Medical Flooring

There's a variety of benefits to be gained from the installation of this type of flooring in a medical or hospital environment, including:
  • Provides a smooth, uninterrupted flooring surface that allows easy manoeuvring of wheeled stretchers.
  • Easy to keep clean, with anti-microbial properties, helping to maintain the sterile nature of a hospital or medical centre.
  • Comfortable to stand and walk on, which is beneficial for doctors and nurses who are on their feet all day.
  • A lifespan of up to 20 years, ensuring minimal need to disrupt operations over the years for flooring replacement.
  • A naturally anti-slip material, helping to prevent trips and falls by patients and staff.
  • An affordable and cost-effective form of medical flooring.
  • Durable, tough, and able to withstand all the daily wear and tear of a hospital thoroughfare.

The Leaders in Rubber Flooring

iRubber are an Australian company that have provided customers with quality rubber flooring products for over 20 years. Providing a range of reputable brands, including Roppe, Burke and Dalsouple, we aim to provide a product that’s sustainable and good for the environment as well as durable. Choose from recycled, natural and synthetic options, all perfect for use as hospital and medical flooring. Contact us today to learn more about our range or to arrange for a quote.



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