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Adhesive MSDS

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Roppe Rubber flooring adhesive info

Roppe adhesives for Roppe rubber, wall base, Rop-Cord and Tuflex must be used for the Roppe warranties to apply.


Burke and Endura Rubber flooring adhesive

Burke adhesives for Endura tiles and treads, Ecoscore, Burke Wall base must be used for the Burke warranties to apply.


Roppe Adhesives


Roppe have adhesives to go with their range of flooring types from wall base, to stair treads to rubber tiles.

ROP215 Wall Base Adhesive

ROP220 Pinnacle Base Adhesive

ROP360 Acrylic tile and stair tread adhesive

ROP445 Rop-Cord adhesive

ROP635 Solvent-free Moisture Cured, Single Part Polyeurathene adhesive

Quick-stik Adhesive tape.


Endura Adhesives

Burke and Endura adhesives are formulated to meet US code compliance regulations. They do not contribute to IAQ (Interior Air Quality) problems when applied as instructed. A stair tread nose-filler caulking is available, along with the required gun and mixer tips.

  • Non-flammable formulations
  • Adhesives must be used for Burke Warranty to apply
  • Complete instructions on each unit


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