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Burke Flooring – Makers of Endura Rubber Flooring & Other Rubber Solutions

Burke Flooring make rubber flooring tiles, rubber stair treads, rubber stair nosings, rubber wall bases and even rubber mouldings and adhesives. Whatever the application, Burke has solutions that are durable, resilient and eco-friendly, as well as beautiful. The 20-color Uni-Color System assures coordination across all lines of products, with custom colours also available.

Click here for a pdf catalog of Burke Industries product that includes stair systems.

Endura Rubber Flooring

Beautiful, forgiving and tough, Endura rubber flooring is one of the hardest wearing rubber flooring options available. Endura's built-in emerging waxes help to release dirt, grime and gum, allowing it to produce a continuous lustre for years without waxing. Available in a wide range of textures, colours and flexibles, this flooring has a 10 year guarantee and can be expected to last at least 15 to 20 years. The customer can save years of cleaning compared to cheaper flooring types that require constant waxing and polishing, such as vinyl and linoleum.

Endura Rubber Flooring can be recycled at the end of its life, so it doesn't need to end up in land fill. The standard textures have an R10 slip rating to comply with Australian building codes, making them perfect to use in wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets, gym changing rooms, restaurants, foyers, kitchens, office kitchenettes, and break out areas. Other suitable locations include dog daycare centres (especially Endura Sculptured), airports, hospitals, hotels, convention areas, and stadiums. Endura Rubber Flooring has been fire and smoke tested to comply with BCA codes. Go to Technical info to download test data.

Endura is made in California by Burke Flooring. Stocks of the standard 20 colours are readily available to ship anywhere in Australia within a week. Ask us for your preferred colour and texture and we’ll endeavour to cater to your needs.

Why Choose Endura?

Endura Rubber Flooring is trusted all around the world by a variety of major organisations and businesses.
In July 2010, Endura was installed in three parents' rooms as part of the new Myer CBD refurbishment. The chosen texture, Domino, has an R-10 slip rating, while the colour Olive was a special custom-made colour. 
In the USA, 100,000 square feet of Endura have been installed within Anaheim Stadium, California. 
“Since 1982, we have had more than 100,000 square feet of rubber tile in service at our stadium in Southern California. We added more in 1998. We could not be happier with it.” – Stadium Facilities Manager
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The Durability of Rubber Flooring

Within the US, Suzanne Barnes conducted a lifecycle analysis that compared carpet, linoleum and vinyl with rubber flooring. Even though rubber was the most expensive to start with, it became the most economical option after 15 years. To learn more about the value and durability that rubber flooring can offer, please click on the article below.Photo of Anaheim Stadium, USA where 750,000 square feet of Endura was installed.

Rubber Flooring: Value and Beauty for the Long Term

Endura Rubber Stair Tread

Endura Rubber Tiles, Treads and Risers are extremely durable and comfortable. The rubber treads are highly slip-resistant, helping to reduce noise from footfall. Endura's built-in waxes produce a natural lustre, requiring no waxing or stripping and lowering maintenance costs. These products are available in Endura's 20 Uni-colours, as well as in custom colours with a minimum order. Please contact us to learn more.
Backed by a ten-year warranty, Endura offers one of the best lifecycle flooring values available, which is why it is used worldwide in thousands of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.
Click here to view a video that outlines the installation process of rubber stair treads.

BurkeBase Rubber Wall Base


Burke Wall Base is made from 100% virgin synthetic rubber, and is available in a variety of heights and styles. Specially formulated to resist scuffs and abrasions, RubberMyte® Wall Base is a type of coextruded thermoplastic rubber with innovative properties, including the tendency not to fade or crack. It also easily conforms to curves and corners, resulting in a clean installation. RubberMyte® Wall Base is available in 81 standard colours, including the 20 colour Uni-Color System that matches the entire range of Burke Flooring products, including tiles, stair treads, mouldings, and accessory products. Whatever colour you need, Burke has a shade to complement any decor.
BurkeBase Rubber Skirting is available in 81 colours, and can be matched with Endura rubber flooring tiles. Inside and outside corners are moulded to match all wall base sizes except 10" and toeless base. Custom colours are also available, with certain minimums in place.Burke wall base is made from 100% virgin synthetic rubber.

BurkeBase colours

The complete Uni-Color™ System of 20 colours is available to match the entire line of Burke Flooring products, including Endura rubber flooring tiles, stair treads, mouldings, and accessory products. An additional 55 wall base colours offer a wide array of sophisticated hues. Custom colour matching is also available if you need to expand on our standard colour palette.


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