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Dalsouple Rubber Flooring
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Dalsouple rubber flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly and resilient floors in the world. Manufactured in France, it’s available in a range of gorgeous colours and textures, appealing to designers who want to choose any colour imaginable with no minimums. This high quality flooring was also available in a natural range called DalNaturel.
iRubber have been the sole distributor of Dalsouple rubber in Australia and New Zealand for 15 years, and it is our biggest seller. Because of this, it has its own website, featuring lists of the Dalsouple products, technical information, and over 1000 photos. Dalsouple manufacture tile and sheet form rubber flooring mainly now in SBR product as well as recycled rubber flooring, marine-grade rubber flooring, outdoor grade and a unique "DalMagnetic" rubber tile that’s specially designed for access floors.
Visit our Dalsouple Australasia website to learn more about this versatile product.

Why Choose Dalsouple Rubber?

The Dalsouple range includes versatile rubber products for any room, from the office to the bathroom. Choose from a selection of natural and synthetic rubbers, suitable for a wide range of applications.

DalNaturel - prior 2015 supply only

DalNaturel is an environmentally friendly alternative.
At the moment (2020) - the new plant has not resumed  production of this material and is unlikely to this year.
Manufactured in France, these natural rubber tiles were available in an extensive range of colours, making it one of our most popular products. DalNaturel contains over 90% natural materials, including latex that has been sourced from rubber trees within Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The product also offers fantastic choice to designers, with all of Dalsouple’s standard colours available to choose from. Nearly any Pantone colour can also be made up, with minimum quantities of course. In addition to this, designers can choose from 33 different textures for ultimate versatility, including attractive  and marble finishes.
To learn more about Dalsouple flooring and DalNaturel, contact iRubber today or visit the Dalsouple Australasia website.

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