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Installation instructions.

iRubber rubber flooring installation instructions.


Endura Rubber flooring installation instructions.


Roppe Rubber flooring installation instructions.


Endura Rubber Flooring Installation Instructions

Laying of stair treads.

Allow to lay on bed of contact adhesive (adhesive and method of laying to be in strict

accordance with manufacturers recommendations). Apply a uniformed even coat of the contact

adhesive to the subfloor and the back of the stair tread with a medium nap paint roller. The

grooves on the back of stair treads (between the tread and riser) should not be filled with the

adhesive. The applied adhesive should be allowed to dry (10-30 minutes) until dry to touch.

Drying time will depend on temperature and humidity. Drying is to allow solvent gases to

escape. If contact between the stair tread and subfloor is made too soon - when the adhesive

is still wet - the gases may cause the rubber stair treads to bubble.

Roll the stair treads with the roller to assure proper bond.



Endura installation instructions - Rubber_Tile_Installation_Instructions-5.pdf


Instructions must be followed to ensure your flooring is warranted for 10 years. instructions include information about use of adhesives.


Roppe Rubber Floor Tiles Installation Instructions


Roppe rubber floor tiles installation instructions.

Roppe Rubber tile installations - Rubber_Tile_Installation_Instructions-1.pdf


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