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Maintenance Instructions.

There is so such thing as a maintenance free floor.

Endura needs no waxing and polishing as it has built in waxes.

Download Endura instructions


Roppe can have a polish appiied over the top to make it easier to clean.

Download Roppe instructions

Endura Maintenance Instructions

Endura maintenance - Rubber_Flooring_Maintenance(3).pdf

Endura rubber flooring has a self-bleeding wax, so it doesn't need extra waxing and polishing for the rest of its life. Just use a damp mop and neutral cleaner.

Roppe Rubber Flooring Maintenance Instructions


There is no such thing as a maintenance free floor.

Rubber flooring products (rubber tiles and stair treads) are manufactured by using a mold release that is left topically on the tiles and treads. This mold release must be removed after installation to provide a clean surface for an ongoing maintenance program and floor finish program if desired. Contact us to get the right cleaning products for your flooring.

Roppe Maintenance instructions - Maintenance Raised Rubber Floor Tile.pdf


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