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MONA Art Gallery - Hobart

MONA Art Gallery- Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Dalsouple
For thousands of people, going to the museum is a popular pastime. As a result museums can get very busy, particularly when large groups on school, tourist or pensioner excursions come to visit. With such high volumes of visitors, it’s essential to have adequate flooring that will offer the best experience for customers and also provide durability plus ease of cleaning and maintenance for staff. Rubber flooring is one such option, providing a cost-effective solution that’s a perfect choice for museums. Comfortable to walk on and boasting great acoustic properties, rubber flooring is a versatile option that makes it great for high-usage indoor environments. 
Ferrari Museum-Maranello- REMP Rubber

The Benefits of Rubber Museum Flooring

Installing our flooring in a museum provides a huge range of benefits, because it’s:
  • Easy to clean and maintain, allowing excellent presentation to museum visitors.
  • Possesses sound-absorbent properties that minimise sound and preserve a quiet environment.
  • Soft and comfortable surface to walk on for an extended period of time – perfect for large exhibitions.
  • Long lifespan of up to 20 years, ensuring it won’t have to be replaced for many years – this results in fewer disruptions to opening hours.
  • An affordable and cost-effective flooring solution.
  • Naturally anti-slip, preventing falls.

The Rubber Flooring Specialists

iRubber are the Australian specialists in rubber flooring, boasting a wide range of products for indoor applications. For over 20 years, we’ve provided solutions for commercial, industrial and domestic premises, giving us the expertise to provide the best products and advice. We provide a wide range of trusted brands, including Roppe, Burke and Dalsouple, allowing us to provide options ranging from natural, synthetic and recycled rubber.  Contact iRubber today to learn more about your options for museum flooring or to organise a quote.

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