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Reef Industries Plastics
Ply X-210 Pond Liners

Reef Industries Ply-X 210 polyolefin LOW COST pond-liners

Made to order         Easy to install

Quick Tanks are perfect for emergency storage, aquaculture, irrigation-rainwater collection, small backyards with small access, under decks, and much more. 

Available imported from the US within 3 weeks to most places in Australia.*

Quick Tanks are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to assemble. Kit (which can fit in the back of a medium sized car) includes:

  1. Fence (1.5" x 1.5" mesh) 48" high.
  2. Liner (black or white) heavy duty plastic using NASA technology, plus hose insert.
  3. Pre-liner with geotextile for the wall and bottom.
  4. Fence locking wire loops.
  5. Installation instructions.


Diameters Available:
1.8m (6ft) diameter tank, 3� 6� high, 2700 litres.
10ft, 15ft, 20ft, to 30ft - 70,074 litres!

Check your state for government rebates.
Victoria gives up to $1000 if you connect to your toilet and laundry.

*Depends on availability from the US at the time of order.

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Simply call us on 03 9773-9933 or email info@irubber.com.au

Provide us with width length and depth of your plastic sheeting  and allow for 1m perimeter extra material for anchor trenching- thats it.

2 week turn around and delivered nation wide.

Colour: Black


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Installation instructions:



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