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Roppe Rubber Flooring & Pinnacle Base Cove
A Synopsis of what Roppe has to offer!


The Roppe Corporation is a worldwide leader in the rubber flooring industry, supplying the world with quality flooring solutions. Roppe rubber flooring is available in a huge range of colours, with over 70 to choose from – including white. Imagine a pristine bathroom featuring white studded rubber – now you can turn that image into a reality.
Roppe Corporation is a member of the US Green Building Council.
Visit the US Roppe website for more information – but don’t forget to come back to iRubber to order samples!

Importantly - for healthcare facilities research Envire rubber flooring (both tile and sheet form) which carries the latest CRF fire test results to Australian standards. (Conducted by SGS Laboratories, USA)

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Rubber is a highly durable material that’s PVC free. When compared to other types of flooring, rubber tiles provide an unmatched level of cost-to-life-cycle benefit. Roppe are one of the largest rubber flooring manufacturers in the USA, supplying the world with a range of options that feature different colours and textures, all made with 10% natural rubber.
While iRubber do not keep stock of Roppe rubber flooring in Australia, this is due to all orders being made to order. Roppe can sometimes get stock to Australia in about a week, but usually manufacturing takes about two weeks, plus another week to air freight to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

The Resurgence in Rubber Flooring

Rubber products are on the upswing because of their 'green' credentials and long term value.
Below is an article that explains the recent rise in popularity of products such as Roppe rubber flooring:

Why the Resurgence in Rubber Flooring?

Also with noting is the growing trend toward white rubber  flooring.

For an idea click on this link


Tuflex Recycled Rubber Tiles

Tuflex recycled rubber tiles are available in 20 colours, with each tile measuring 686mm x 686mm x 9.5mm. iRubber began selling Tuflex in New Zealand over 20 years ago. Since then, Tuflex rubber tiles have been installed in numerous golf clubs, wineries, football stadiums, gymnasiums, police stations, prison yards, buses, and changing rooms. Tuflex was originally sold in Florida for 50 years, before it was taken over by Roppe 5 years ago.

Photo: Tuflex in the 19th at the clubhouse. No need to take off your spikes!

Tuflex Applications

Tuflex is a type of Roppe rubber flooring that is used worldwide as a versatile flooring solution. It has been successfully installed in the following locations:

  • The All Blacks change room at Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand – Tuflex was installed in 1996, and the stadium itself is an avid user of Tuflex. Click here to read an endorsement from the stadium.
  • Time Out, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Mandala Winery, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.
  • Various elderly citizen residences and kitchens – to prevent injuries sustained from falls.
  • Kid's play areas, such as playgrounds.

Photo: Our Labrador Bounce sitting on Black Tuflex at Mandala Winery, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. Floor is now 5 years old and they haven't broken a bottle of wine yet.

  • Time Out, Village Cinema Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand.
To learn more about Tuflex, please click here.



Rop-Cord is made from recycled tyres and is suitable for indoor or outdoor entrance matting.
The creation of Rop-Cord involves taking the nylon from recycled tyres, then tufting it out to make a carpet. The final product is available in 4 colours, in both tile and roll form. The tiles are 30cm x 30cm x 9mm, while the rolls are 30cm wide and 9.14m long.
Rop-Cord has been installed in Australia in the following locations:
  • Edge Tavern, Geelong   
  • Metro Hotel, Pitt Street, Sydney
  • MoVida Restaurant, Bourke St, Melbourne
  • MoVida Restaurant, Sydney
  • Kilsyth Animal Shelter, Melbourne
  • Williamstown Library
  • Nash Hotel, Melbourne
While Rop-Cord is made by Roppe in the US, iRubber can send stock anywhere in Australia within one week.
Photo of Rop-Cord in Earthtone at the Edge Tavern. This bar is on the beach front in Geelong, so they often have patrons entering with sandy shoes. The installed Rop-Cord helps to trap the dirt and sand before the patrons get inside, making the main flooring area easier to clean.
To learn more about Rop-Cord, please click here.


Flexco Floors is the sister company to the Roppe rubber flooring corporation in the USA. iRubber are exclusive agents for Flexco, allowing us to provide a variety of rubber floors that can’t be found at other companies.
The Flexco range includes the following products:

    •    ESD rubber flooring
    •    Evolving styles, Rollform rubber in marbled colours, able to be heat welded for medical facilities.
    •    Repel, Oil and Grease Resistant, ideal for areas with small-wheeled vehicular traffic, such as retail stores, healthcare facilities, airport terminals and more.
    •    IMO Certified rubber flooring with Flextones or SpecTones styles.
    •    Tuflex Force for sports and commercial facilities.
    •    Flexco PVC free rubber stair treads
    •    Wallflowers Premium Wall Base Rubber (rubber skirting).

To learn more about Flexco, please click here.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of Roppe rubber flooring are:

    •    30 Standard colours available in the textures as listed in the bottom photo.
    •    Weave rubber tile features a beveled 0.025" profile that creates a wonderful basket-weave design.
    •    Radial® rubber tile features raised 1" diameter disks in two profiles: a 0.035" high profile for areas needing extra traction, such as elevators and ramps, and a 0.020" low profile.
    •    Radial® II rubber tile has 1-1/4" diameter disks with a beveled 0.020" low profile.
    •    Radial® III rubber tile has a unique 0.020" beveled low profile with raised 1-1/2" diameter disks that are offset with stylized diamond shapes.
    •    Square2 rubber tile has a raised 1-1/4" texture with a beveled 0.025" profile thatmakes it a popular choice.
    •    Hammered rubber tile features a flat surface with an orange-peel finish to provide safe footing in high traffic areas.
    •    May be specially ordered as IMO/Coast Guard certified.


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