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Requesting Samples


Decide which product you are interested in from the products available. Each product has a range of colours and variety of textures.

We are happy to help you with your selection if you are not sure.

Please give us an idea of size for your intended project and timing  so we can help you.

Go to our Contact Us page and submit your request.


Samples requested from the United States:
Each sample costs $50.00+GST so be accurate in the colour you want by referencing its particular colour number and style of flooring.
Also check the number of samples you need.
Upon receipt of payment, turn around is about 7 days.
If we are informed of additional costs involved we will notify you accordingly. 
Burke Industries
Roppe International Holding Company
Staticworx Inc
American Biltrite


Samples requested from Europe:



The minimum order (project size) for Dalsouple rubber is now 20m2. 

It used to be "no minimums" but a recent manufacturing upgrade means that this is no longer an option.

Please do not request samples of Dalsouple if your project is less than 20m2.

If your project meets the minimum >20m2  required then....

Samples of Dalsouple are available upon request if in stock.

Most 10cm x 10cm x 2.5mm samples despatched will be Uni-smooth for colour referencing.

If we do have the texture too we will endeavour to include it in the package.We have to charge for these (for postage and packaging)  prior to release-  a fee of AUD$25.00+GST  but upon ordering for your main order the sample costs will be deducted from the final invoice. 

If not in stock there will be separate charges incurred involved with international courier charges.

The charges are quite high so be prepared for this. Turn around is about 2 weeks if sourced from Dalsouple France.

REMP samples are from REMP Italy and costs of these samples are available on request.

Again- costs for these samples may be high as international charges will apply.

Ideally if you have a DHL or FEDEX account to bill to- it will be cheaper.

So to order:

Bank wire fees to:

iRubber P/L ATF Dalsouple Trust



Please submit the form below but make sure have paid the AUD$27.50 (GST inclusive) if it is only for Dalsouple product and include a bank receipt with your order that will signify payment has been made.


Thank you:)!









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