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Skirting, Wall-base and Covings
Sustainable, flexible low-maintenance skirting, coving and wall-base boards

iRubber has multi-channel source supply for sustainable rubber skirtings and wall-base boards -including covings in almost any colour.

Absolutely no asbestos, formaldehydes  or PCBs are involved in manufacture of all our US-sourced materials.

Caution- there is no short cut in safety.

Life is worth more than a cheap product.

Some competitors supply cheap steel-based wall skirting products- notably from China- that may contain asbestos- so be aware of cheap offerings!

Specify our US certified rubber wall-base when and where-ever possible.


Click below to see the offerings we have from Burke, and Roppe.

Minimum orders to apply and normally - as an example- coving comes in 36 linear metre increments. They must be bought by the carton.


Click on the links below to navigate directly to the sites:



                                                                 Equinix Data Centre Sydney-

                                                                 2.5 linear km Roppe Cove Base 2016                                                                 

Burke Rubber Designer Wall Base

Roppe Pinnacle Base

Roppe Pinnacle Wall Base Plus

Roppe 700 Series Base

Roppe Rubber Corner Blocks

Thermoset Rubber base can also be made in these colours!

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