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*applies to REMP Suber  product   up until August 2018

Rubber flooring is one of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable floorings compared to other flooring products. Each type of flooring, whether it is recycled, synthetic, or natural all can contribute to Green Star points to be able to be used in Green Star or NABERS projects.
Rubber flooring has been at the Old Parliament house in Canberra now for over 60 years. The rubber flooring on the aero bridges at Brisbane Airport has been there over 25 years. Most of our range of rubber flooring products have a guarantee of 10 years but expected to last 15 to 20 years at least.
Each product in our range can be added to the Office Interiors V1 Green Star spread sheet. We will attach a few in the files section, but we can produce them for designers and architects for their projects.
Our most popular product, is the high quality French Dalsouple SBR rubber flooring that has one of the lowest VOC's on the market. Many cheaper floorings such as some PVC's have 'off-gassing' and can use ingredients that are considered carcinogenic.
There was a study done by Suzanne Barnes from the USA, comparing the life cycle of rubber flooring with carpet, lino and vinyl. She found that although rubber flooring is expensive to start with, after 15 years it ends up being much more economical. Rubber requires less maintenance and can be recycled at the end of its life.
View the study done by Suzanne Barnes in the US – Rubber Flooring: Value and Beauty for the Long Term. Click here.It is assumed that vinyl and lino are being thrown in landfill in Australia and we can't find any evidence of any recycling at the end of its life.(Please let us know if there is anyone doing this, as we will update our records).
We have voluntary product stewardship and will take back the rubber at the end of its life and recycle it. There are companies in each city that recycle rubber and rubber crumb.

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